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I joined Nomades on my wedding anniversary. My husband was looking at military jewelry so I went searching for something with special meaning and found this wonderful company! I saw so many charms to build the story of the military journey my family has been on for 30 yrs that becoming a Consultant was a simple step. I love that the silver charms represent memories and stories to those who choose them. I continue my journey with Stampin' Up! as well - a Demonstrator since 2001 ... my stamps allow me to express my creative side. Stampin has also brought new and special friendships to my life and makes moving and meeting new friends so much easier.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Silk Scarves

Two out of four ain't bad .... I'm out of practice doing these so took me awhile to get it to stage I was pleased with results ..... will put the other two into my "oops" bin at reduced price. Have 3 blank ones left to play with.


Karen said...

Ok Cheryl, which 2 go in the oops pile. All 4 are beautiful.

Cheryl, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator said...

Karen- the bottom 2 ... I loved the colors but the stamped images didnt come out as well as I had hoped on them .... the top 2 I used stencils and they turned out more to my liking.

Diane said...

Happy to find you through the SC follower forum! I'm now following you and loved looking at your creative projects. Scarves!!! them.

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I'll be back to browse more soon!